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Take a look at this thread over at XDA Developers, which contains a Windows Mobile 6.1 ROM for the i780. As always, be very careful when upgrading to cooked roms!”>this thread over at XDA Developers, which contains a Windows Mobile 6.1 ROM. As always, be very careful when upgrading to cooked roms! Thanks to Giova.


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Hinavigator v1.5 released

Hinavigator v1.5 has been released and it is looking better than ever. HiNavigator – Touch To Go is a software package that allows you to launch programs, make calls, view weather information, access Phone profiles, do ALT-TAB, turn on/off today Plug-ins, and navigate your device by only one hand.

HiNavigator works on Windows Mobile 2003,2005 and 2006 devices. Let see what HiNavigator brings to you.


Comprehensive Today’s plug-in with Finger friendly design

Stylish Tabs on Today screen

Support Advanced Phone profiles

Photo contacts as special shortcut for speed dial and quick send SMS

Weather forecasts panel on Today

Easy to Lock the device and change phone profile from Today

Quick access to Date and time, Missed calls, Unread messages, Battery status

One Tap to setup Alarm and Clock

Supports many power shortcut to system settings and system tools as: Soft-reset, power off, screen off, volume adjusts, rotate left/right

Shortcut to turn on/off other today Plug-in

Skinnable interface

Fully customizable look-and-feel

Stylish Weather forecasts for 7,8 days

Easy to see weather in your favor cities

Show all essential information as temperature, humidity, pressure, and winds in detail screen

Separate forecasts for morning, day, evening and night

Day switching by touch

Easy city switching

Support quick update and auto update

Powerful Touch Engine

Unique touch engine to help you browse and scroll Pocket interface by one hand

Create two new event for smart ALT-TAB on every screen, the special feature allows you to do quick task switching or sequential task switching

Faster and smaller to save your time and device power

Support quick update and auto update

Advantageous Task manager
Quick task switching

Support Screen Capture

Show Memory & CPU Usage and more…

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From Gavin- “Some titles just been updated – all support 320 x 320 🙂

Final Battle– just updated, now supports All resolutions supported 240×320, 320×240, 480×640, 640×480, 240×240, 320×320, 480,480, 240×400, 400×240, 480×800, 800×480

Lost in the Pyramid and Snake Deluxe.”

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Resco has announced an update to Brain Games which adds full support for 320×320 screens. Yipee!

In just 5 minutes a day, you can have the brain you always dreamed of. Improve your mental capabilities by testing your memory, analytical skills and calculation skills. Concentrate more and increase your brain reflection speed with 36 brain training games.

And don’t forget, it will also be fun so you can exercise and enjoy it every single day!

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MemMaid v2.3 released

MemMaid v2.3 has been released and this update will be of particular interest to Samsung i780 owners because it now displays perfectly.

Support for devices with 800×480 resolution (Sony Ericsson Xperia X1)
Support for the latest AvantGo version (version 6.5 build 216)
Support for the latest Opera browser (version 8.65, build 2779)
Added the ability to sort the installed applications by date, name, or size
Minor bug fixes

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Astraware has continued to release many games over the past year, and it is pleasing to see so many releases still appearing for Palm OS month after month. Bubble Babble is initially available for Palm OS and Windows Mobile, with more platforms expected in the future.

Seeing the screenshots of Bubble Babble gave an impression of a classic Astraware puzzle style title and I was not disappointed when I first played it. Firstly, it runs perfectly on my 320×320 screened Samsung i780 and the tutorial is not only cute, but very useful. After a few minutes I was linking letters, splitting words and desperately moving letters around the screen with my stylus. Think of this as upside down Tetris with words and you will get a rough idea of what I am talking about.

The idea is to make as many words as possible and once you have made a word you need to drag it to the top of the screen to make it count. Dragging a word you have made in error to the bottom will split it and you can start the word again. While doing this, you have to try to stop the letters floating to the top and being lost. It is an interesting mix of word skill and frantic playability that is surprisingly addictive. On my first test play I was sat there for over 45 minutes which is a first for me.

There are four styles of play which are Challenge, Target, Mystery and Freeplay. Each offers a good variety of play and the Freeplay mode somewhat reminds me of Bejeweled in that you can in theory play the game forever. I like the variety, but personally I favoured Challenge over the others.

The graphics are very cute and you can even collect shells of varying types to add to your collection. This made seem a bit too cute for some, but I have always liked games that offer an extra target and this adds to the overall immersive environment.

It is hard to write a lot about Bubble Babble because the rules are very simple, but consider this a positive. Just like Bejeweled, it is simple to learn but quite taxing on the brain as you progress through each level. I’m not saying that this is a classic, but it is indeed an addictive puzzler of the highest order. Everything about it screams ‘Astraware’ and who knows; it could become a classic to sit alongside Bejeweled and Text Twist.

Bubble Babble is well worth the asking price and it has already become a hit in my family. My wife loves it, my 8 year old son has also been playing it (I can see it helping his spelling) and my 4 year old daughter just giggles at the cute colours and graphics. What more could you want from one game?

Bubble Babble will be available from www.astraware.com within the next 48 hours. Try it!

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Astraware will be releasing Bubble Babble on 11th June and I am pleased to say that it works perfectly with the Samsung i780. Expect a review on launch date, but first impressions are very positive indeed!

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