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Can you help?

Can you help Stephen? “Hello Shaun

What an excellent site you are running!  I have only just come across it today.  I have just bought my i780 from Orange to replace my TyTn and have come across 3 problems and wondered if anyone on your site has answers to them or could point me in the right direction:

1.  In order to get the built in GPS working with TomTom6 I installed GPSGate and all works well.  However, I cannot now enable my Bluetooth – and so there is no handsfree working at the moment!  Something may have got upset when I did the installation and I cannot get it back, even with uninstalling.  I am hesitant to do a hard reset because of all of the time it takes to set everything  up again.  This is what happens:

When I go to the Wireless Manager and click on Bluetooth (to switch it on), I get the circular cursor for about 20 secs as though something is being done, then the cursor returns to normal, but the Bluetooth still remains off.  I can keep repeating this to no avail.  Does anyone know of a fix?

2. On my previous PPC, a HTC TyTn, you could map a button to point to the voice recorder (ie the recorder as used in the Notes section which gets synchronised back into your PC within Outlook notes).  On the i780 you can use the voice recorder within notes but I cannot find an application to map to a button to get it to record.  I need it mapping to a button so that I can do a speedy memo without hunting through menus.  I tried putting the voice recorder.exe from the HTC in to the i780 but it did not work.  Does anyone know how to get the built in voice recorder working from a button press and not through menus?

3. Is there a simple button remapper with 1, 2 or 3 key presses to do a function.  I have downloaded AEButton but it will not install from my PC running Vista64 and so I cannot try that.  Is there a good and simple alternative?

Many thanks


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Hands-on: Samsung i780 has been posted at PDA Thoughts- “Yesterday I was in one of my favourite electronics stores again, where I found a demo unit of the Samsung i780. I was eager to try the device, as the people from PDA247 recommended it. Of course this phone has been reviewed already by a lot people/websites, so I only did a quick hands-on to give my opinion about it. I snapped a quick picture with my S620, which did a fairly good job with its 1.3 MP camera.

The look and feel

When walking by, the i780 immediately grabbed my attention with its nice looks. The design isn’t special by any means, but it’s just right. The plain black with silver/grey accents create a stylish, business-like look. Like always, seeing a device in real life says more than the picture. So that’s good. Even attached to a cable, I could get a good feel of the phone.  Although it is kind of big, it’s real thin and light. However this doesn’t guarantee you that it will lay in your hand nicely, but this one does. I may not have had it in my hands for a long period (5 minutes max), I’m sure that I would be able to type on it two-handed just fine. And I almost forgot to tell that it feels pretty solid!…” Read more at PDA Thoughts.

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Can you help Tomas? I found your blog by coincidence when looking for cases for my i780. I have also used PalmOS for a long time, with the Treo650 as my last PalmOS system that I have used for the last three years till purchasing the i780 two months ago. I chose the i780 since it offers much more than any other device with PalmOS. I share your sentiments completely and find the i780 an amazing piece of hardware (with quite a few shortcomings on the software side).

I have been using Adarian Money (www.adarian.com) on all my Palms for ages and I haven’t been able to find a WM replacement. I tried them all. Anyways, I am currently running Adarian Money in StyleTap and I noticed your post on StyleTap on your blog. Its quite difficult to find i780 users that transferred from Palm and that use StyleTap. Maybe you know the answer. My question is as follows. On my Treo I had a few hacks such as FixField and KeyCaps that allowed me switching between fields with up/down keys and more importantly, Palm would distinguish between text fields that have numbers (time, date, currency) and text input and would switch my keyboard accordingly depending on the field I was in (I wouldn’t have to hit FN to enter a number if I was in a number-field). This was extremely useful among other also in Adarian Money where entering transactions out on the street was a matter of seconds since I could do it completely one-hand and almost without the need to watch the screen. I would start with the first field, than switch to another (have you also had the blue glowing frames on fields and items when switching between them with up/down/left/right on the Treo/Tungsten?) and input info without the need to press FN to put numbers when needed.

It is apparent that WM is not the most friendly system for one-handed input, at least not compared to the Treo 650+ that was so extremely ergonomic in this sense. Are you aware of any applications on the WM or any tips for StyleTap that could help overcome this one-handed input issue? Have you been able to use buttons in StyleTap such as the Home button or able to switch menu items by the up/down keys? I am regularly browsing the Xda-developers and Modaco forums but no one that hasn’t used the Treo before and PalmOS really knows how convenient the one-handed input on it really is, and I haven’t found answers to any of the questions/issues above.

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The battery life on my Samsung i780 is very good, but I am having a problem with the battery monitor.

I get a long charge with the monitor at 3 bars and then it only lasts for about 40 minutes on 2 bars before the warning message comes up to exchange the battery. Is it just me or are any of you seeing this issue?

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Samsung i780 vs. Samsung G600 Rivalry: Sky is the Limit is worth a read over at FastPitch- “Samsung always comes with something new. Now, the two revolutionary models are ruling the roost. The i780 phone is a treat to high tech business class people who want to have a high speed internet connection whereas G600 is a masterpiece for the both tech savvy and entertainment lovers.
Date Released: 01/19/2008
Samsung, a renowned mobile phone manufacturer is widely acclaimed for fashionable phones, especially the slim sliders. Gone are the days when Samsung was known merely as a universal mobile manufacturing company. Now it is gaining reputation of a niche handset maker in the industry. Samsung has come up with two new models catering to the expectation of new generation handsets. G600 and i780 are the two models which are the talk of everyone these days.

The newest model, G600 is the centre of attraction. This beautiful phone is equipped with the latest technologies, which can enable users with intrusion-free communication. The sliding format has replaced the clamshell as the most popular mobile format in the UK at the moment. The smooth opening and closing mechanism of the Samsung G600 is a breeze. This mobile phone comes up with a 5 mega-pixel camera which matches with the quality of a digital camera with its high resolution images and videos. The camera also features an in-built picture editor, plus supports direct printing to a Pictbridge-compatible printer..”

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Here’s a tip which may help if you purchase one of the screen protectors reviewed below-

Applying a screen protector can be a frustrating, annoying and terrifying experience. You may think I am being too cautious, but it can be extremely difficult to attach a screen protector to a phone without creating air bubbles and getting dust stuck under the protector. You have one chance to attach it correctly because any imperfections will ruin your viewing experience and you will then need to purchase another one. Here is a simple trick that genuinely works and should improve your chances of getting it right the first time.

Here’s How:

Make sure the bathroom is not already too steamy.

Run the hot water tap or shower in your bathroom, shut the door, and leave it running for 5 minutes.

Clean the screen of your Treo with a dust free cloth.

Most screen protectors come with a cloth and a card to help smooth the protector down when attached. Try to remove any grease or dust on the screen. Make sure you do this outside of the bathroom.

Enter your bathroom and shut the door.

Follow the instructions that came with the screen protector. Try to read every step for best results. If you are using a Palm Universal Protector, you may need to cut it to the correct size. It is vital that you do not make it too large, because this will render it useless.

It is better to have a small gap at the edge of the screen than a protector that overlaps the edge.


You may need to moisten the cloth you are cleaning the screen with to remove all of the dust on the screen. Display screens are notorious for attracting dust, no matter how small they are.

Please be aware that you will not be wanting to take your Treo into a room with too much steam present because this can cause damage.

There is a theory behind this trick in that a bathroom that has a damp atmosphere has less dust in the air, and this should make the installation process a lot easier. You still need to take care when installing the protector, especially with air bubbles, but your chances are greatly improved using this method.

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